Sneak peeks of my first book

It was 2022 when I decided to write a book about my internship. It was an idea that grew into something bigger. And then I stumbled upon myself and I ended up in a town constructed in my mind. I tried to understand myself and the world by using metaphors. I’ve built storylines but also criticized myself along the way. I’ve gone through darkness but also saw specks of light.

I started with the roller coaster metaphor and I ended with the lighthouse being a beacon of hope I can hold onto. The lighthouse has always been there for me, guiding me through the dark even when I feel completely lost and afraid. And sometimes it takes a while to find the light, but I know it will be there when the night ends, and the sun rises above the mountains. And while the sky lights up in colors I have never seen before, I discover new things about myself and the real world. But most of the time, I retreat into the movie theater in the town of my mind to replay the memories.

Even though I’m still on this journey, through pits and plains, through shooting stars and wishing wells, I can always rely on the Lighthouse.

Welcome to the show. Where Time is the guest. And Death is a vigilante. Dreams are unreachable stars. And Life is a helium balloon you have to hold onto tightly.

Here you can read the chapters that will be in my book 'The Lighthouse in my Mind'. It is a non-fiction book about all my feelings and how I try to understand them through metaphors. I got the idea when I started an internship I didn't like. I have already finished that internship and I've still been having a hard time with everything. I write about topics like growing up, holding on, trying to find myself and failing, planning my future, and getting lost sometimes. And all while I'm in a metaphorical town called 'My Mind'.

The title of the book and the chapters can still change as it is in the early stages.