A town called My Mind

Welcome to the show. Where Time is the guest. And Death is a vigilante. Dreams are unreachable stars. And Life is a helium balloon you have to hold on to tightly.

We’re in the small town called My Mind. The houses shapeshift and the movie theater never holds many visitors. The talk show is just around the corner, if you walk in you see an on air lamp that’s lighting up in orange.

Outside the town, after traveling a bumpy dirt road, you’ll find a beautiful landscape with a lake holding water as black as ink, trees and rocks covered in moss, and an extraordinary sky with colors I have never seen in waking life.

On the other side of the town, trees are touching the clouds. There’s a playground right before it, where the sun reflects on the grains of sand, making it gold, unlike the forest; which is dark and looming, making shadows that look like monsters.

The coast is a happy place, where the ocean waves crash against the lighthouse off shore.

However, a dense mist has formed around the town. The lights of the lighthouse and the town are fighting off the fog. To go through it, I need a flashlight, but we don’t sell those here.

I got snapped back to reality when I got asked something at lunch. I was at my internship, and even though it seemed fun at the start, the lighthouse could have never prepared me for these next 5 months.

My birthday was two days ago, so I had brought a box of chocolates to hand out. The funny thing about a box of chocolates, is that you never know what you’re gonna get. This internship can also be compared to a box of chocolates, and all the chocolates taste like anxiety with a hint of sadness. Only one of the chocolates tastes like freedom, but I haven’t found that one yet. Maybe I have to buy another box, because I already ate all the chocolates that were left, or maybe someone else tasted freedom.

The talk show had just started and it’s already Tuesday. Before I opened the door to the internship, I took a deep breath. The first few days were nice but exhausting. They lasted from 8:30 am to 5 pm, I was never that long at school, so I wasn’t used to long days.

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