Into Aurora Borealis

Chapter Eden

through light and dark,
through clouds and words.

From dreading Death to the first breath of Spring air. To be scared of, and to be in love with things, people, and places, I will dive into Aurora Borealis.

What’s Project Eden?

Project Eden is a collection of poems I plan to make into a book.
But Project Eden isn’t just a book of poems; It’s my thoughts, my feelings, my creativity, my fears, my hopes, my dreams, my everything.

Here are some of the poems I’ve written:


Everything is happening for real.
My eyes were dripping with cobalt.
As I splashed water in them,
To make my eyes believe.—
There’s a breeze in the air
In my bedroom.
The light sapphire sky
In the hallway,
Through the ceiling glass,
It’s new.
In an alternate universe,
My room would be water,
And I would be cerulean,
By feeling and eyes.
Tropic midnight blue,
Lighter, lighter,
The sky, the arctic hallway glow.
It’s fleeting,
It’s blue.

Smelling salts

A smell,
And I’m back in a lost memory,—
A place,—
Buried in the sand.

Where sunny winds,—
Smelling salts,—
I’m revived.

blue polaroid photograph of flowers

Everless pt. 1

Like ethereal gray,
Sophisticatedly drift.
Mice in boats,
Oh, how sane!

Flare guns pierce
Pieces of cardboard moon,
Into Everless;
A place, not known.

polaroid picture of the sky over the sea

Age of unaging

Age of unaging
More than a hundred years,
But years,
You don’t count,
Because why?
A spool of film,
You can rewind, relive,
But never the same
Of when you were
(The star in the constellation.)

Another memory.
I’ve lost count!


Trees that barked.
Cars that swerved.
Burns, yet so small,
Roamed the earth.

In cities of marble.

polaroid of a wheat field and a cloudy sky


Tad by tad,
Sat in shallow water.
Risking, crying out;
Why for anything,
A frog will leap
To catch the blimp
Above the swamp?

polaroid photo of a ferris wheel
circular photo of a sea wave at the shore

A crab

You know,
The ocean sometimes finds
A crab,
In a sandcastle,
As it collapsed,
The crab—sandstone orange,
As precarious as May,
Felt, like softly-weaved fabric,
The ocean waves.

exit sign with emergency lights close up photography


In a classroom,
Headache like boulder.

Waiting times
Filled with weariness,