Category: Adventure

  • The Secret of the Lime-Blazer-Wearing Family Member

    The Secret of the Lime-Blazer-Wearing Family Member

    This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence. No story is ever the same. And no tree has the same names carved into it. The silence was killing all of us. None of us had experienced this level of awkwardness. Glances were made, followed by the looks returning to the table, a glass, or…

  • In the Middle of Nowhere

    In the Middle of Nowhere

    It was a quiet day in the middle of nowhere. The only sound that could be heard all around the dry land was a high whistle that lasted forever. And far into this cracks-in-the-ground-nothing-to-do-here place, there was a house; a farmhouse that looked like it was stuck in 1930. The steps leading up to the…

  • Escape The Stars

    Escape The Stars

    “One star. Again.” I sighed and put a box of robot parts on the shelf. The screen hovered a second longer in front of my head, reminding me I’m not good enough. Then it disappeared. Somehow I always get one star, even though I really try. Is everyone against me? Is it because I’m below…